WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Yukon Cornelius
Quest Type: Adventure
Location: New Koraelia

This quest is part of the seasonal Gnomekindle christmas event.

Quest TextEdit

Yukon's ornaments were such a hit in previous years on the trees at Gnomekindle that now everyone wants some.

Not: while this quest is active, you have a chance of getting ornaments from the Metal Golems that you fight. Different levels of golems will give you different colored ornaments.


  1. Talk to Yukon.
  2. Yukon has sent you out to gather chunks of metal ore from the golems of Istaria. He's promised you a mysterious reward. Bring him back 50 chunks of metal for your reward. 0/50
  3. The quest is repeatable

Target MobsEdit


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