WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Hasera Steelclaw
Quest Type: Errand
Required School: Monk
Level Range: 20+
Location: Kion
Previous Quest: Monk: Prove Your Dedication


Hasera tells you, "The time has come for you to think about which of the many disciplines of your order appeals to you the most. There are 5 primary paths that most monks choose to follow. You must visit a disciple of each of the other paths to learn of their ways, then return to me and I shall tell you more of the path that I follow. Each disciple will give you a shard to signify that you have learned from them, as well. Go see Essiel, the Storm Disciple in Sslanis."

Learn about the higher paths available to those who tread the path of the Monk.


  1. Talk to Essiel, the Storm Disciple
    Essiel is in Sslanis
  2. Talk to Senetal, the Flame Disciple
    Senetal is in the Tower of Wizardry, via Dralk. This is a loooooooong way, and there are high levels mobs you need to run past. Take care, or use Sprint and hope :)
  3. Talk to Therian, the Ice Disciple
    Therian is in Mahagra
  4. Talk to Yserah, the Spirit Disciple
    Yserah is in Kirasanct
  5. Talk to Hasera the Monk Trainer
    Hasera is near Kion
  6. Take the Shards to Kelamina
    Kelamina is the Blacksmith in Kion
  7. Talk to Kelamina (again)


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