WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Hasera Steelclaw
Quest Type: Adventure
Required School: Monk
Level Range: 10+
Location: Kion
Previous Quest: Monk: Initiate's First Test
Next Quest: Monk: Learn the Disciplines


"Welcome, young initiate. You have progressed well thus far in your chosen profession, but the time has come to test your dedication to your new path. Kill Forest or Jungle Crawlers, any except the hatchlings. Forest Crawlers can be found to the south within the forest, while Jungle Crawlers can be found within the jungle outside of Sslanis. Go to either place and kill at least ten of any of them. Then return to me when you haave completed the task."


  1. Kill at least 10 Forest or Jungle Crawlers
  2. Return and speak with Hasera

Target MobsEdit


  • Adventure Experience: 1000
  • Money: 100 copper
  • Ability: Monk's Edge


Hasera tells you, "Well done, young initiate. You have proven your dedication to your chosen path and you will be allowed to continue. Go now, and return when you are stronger."

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