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New Trismus
New Trismus is one of four Training Islands, and is where new players arrive after their initial tutorial on Spirit Isle. Although there are 3 other islands, this is the only one of the Training Islands supported by the Empire and newly Gifted should spend their early levels here learning about their role in the battle against the Withered Aegis.

Some notable locations on New Trismus include: Pratt's Pond, Hillside Camp, Ruined Homestead, New Trismus Deadlands

Location Type Destination Pad Travel Gate Shrine
Island (45891,14777) (45892,14747) (45995,14703)
NPCs Creatures
Find New Trismus on Istaria Reference's in-browser map!


Blight PortalEdit

Hidden deep in the New Trismus Deadlands, there lies covered in the blighted mountain a horrid and unbelievable secret. If you are brave and dare to climb the mountain, search for a hole in the ground at (45563/15406).

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