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The Tamed Apple Oastic is a special case and serves as a source for Apples. It is harmless and will permit harvesting while living. However, on Abandoned Island and above Yewn, they are located next to their unfriendly cousins. Be careful about which one you try to harvest.

They drop trophies, technique components, and junk items.

List of OasticsEdit

Name Level Health
Empytur 101 6000
Forest Oastic 086-088 1715-1753
Grumblegut 74 3718
Leafy Oastic 026-029 0530-0587
Sprout 33 994
Sumaac 092 6420
Volcanic Pustule 066-069 1335-1392

old listEdit

Level Name HealthPortalLocation Ability Named
1Tamed Apple Oastic10
25-30Leafy Oastic530-610 Sprout
70-75Lava Oastic1335-1425 Grumblegut
85-90Forest Oastic1715-1805
  • NW, North, and NE of Harro around (28375,25790)
  • Southwest of Yewn at about (27400,16025)

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