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Padded armor utilizes quilting and additional layers to extend its damage mitigating capabilities. Light and easy to move in but not intended to offer any great degree of protection.

Skill Required: Tailoring

Formula NameBeginnerJourneymanExpert
Formula: Padded Belt100500900
Formula: Padded Boots140540940
Formula: Padded Cap120520920
Formula: Padded Cape175575975
Formula: Padded Gloves150550950
Formula: Padded Leggings180580980
Formula: Padded Mask160560960
Formula: Padded Shoulderpad130530930
Formula: Padded Sleeves170570970
Formula: Padded Tunic190590990
Formula: Padded Wristband110510910
Formula: Invisible Padded Cap120520920
Formula: Invisible Padded Mask160560960

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