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Pawn Brokers buy goods from players. The price is generally far lower than the actual worth of the item being sold, but it is a good way to make some money off unwanted items, or selling in bulk for profit (such as selling a batch of Gems). Pawn Brokers can be found in most towns and cities, and players can build Pawn Broker buildings. Pawn Brokers are somewhat similar to Consigners, but goods are paid for immediately by the Empire rather than waiting for a player to purchase.

Pawn Brokers are nicknamed "PBs" in-game.

Tier BonusEdit

Pawn Brokers pay a proportion of the item's value based on it's "Imperial Price". The amount paid per item sold is as follows:

Building  % of Imperial Value
Tier 1 Pawn Broker 12.5%
Tier 2 Pawn Broker 15%
Tier 3 Pawn Broker 17.5%
Tier 4 Pawn Broker 20%
Tier 5 Pawn Broker 22.5%
Tier 6 Pawn Broker 25%
Saris General Store 25%
Saris Small Pawn Broker 25%

List of Pawn BrokersEdit

Name Location
Anarie Bristugo
Blagarath Dralk
Geoff New Trismus
Gilran Goldenforge Aughundell
Gimber New Rachival
Hegron Mahagra
Heira Aughundell
Maethor Feladan
Murrina Parsinia
Nurusa Tazoon
Pablo Dalimond
Periadan Chiconis
Reg Sslanis
Rhagool the Oddities Broker New Trismus
Rhahool the Oddities Broker Bristugo
Septianus Dralk
Vasileos Kirasanct

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