Usable ByEdit

Platemail Boots can be used by: Battle Mage, Chaos Warrior, Cleric, Crossbowman, Knight of Creation, Paladin, Reaver, Warrior

Use CharacteristicsEdit

Bronze Platemail Boots +1611110
Iron Platemail Boots +3531310
Steel Platemail Boots +5851510
Cobalt Platemail Boots +8671710
Mithril Platemail Boots +11791910
¹ Adventure Current Level
² Armor Use Skill

Creation RequirementsEdit

NameResourceNeedMin SkillOpt SkillLowest Formula³
Bronze Platemail BootsBronze Bar22-11140240Beginner Platemail Boots
Iron Platemail BootsIron Bar22-11340465Beginner Platemail Boots
Steel Platemail BootsSteel Bar22-11540690Journeyman Platemail Boots
Cobalt Platemail BootsCobalt Bar22-11740915Journeyman Platemail Boots
Mithril Platemail BootsMithril Bar22-119401140Expert Platemail Boots
³Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.

Starter Platemail BootsEdit

These Platemail Boots are sold by Imperial vendors to low level gifted to get them started.

Name Armor Level¹ Skill²
Refurbished Bronze Platemail Boots 11 110

Usable TechniquesEdit

These techniques can be applied to boots.
Armor Dye
All Armor Dye Techniques are useable
Craft: Essence Harvesting
Craft: Fishing
Craft: Foraging
Craft: Logging
Craft: Mining
Craft: Quarrying
Defense: Armor
Defense: Ethereal Armor
Statistic: Dexterity
Statistic: Health
Statistic: Speed