Allows dragons to use primal magic which has a variety or arcane and mystic effects.

Lore Edit

"Primal magic" is called that because it existed first. It is the raw magic from which Istara formed the world. Drulkar manifested in the Prime in order to bring his people through from the Realm of Fire, and the form he chose, the dragon, established the form his people would take. Dragons, as a race, were formed by and of Primal magic as part of assuming physical form.

The other races appeared well after Istaria was created, and thus were subject to Istara's design decisions. Non-dragons cannot use Primal because it is outside the laws that give them life.

However... (And here I can't resist pulling the curtain back a little)

Dragons have, in the past, learned to use biped magics. Most of the time, these dragons have died under the claws and flames of an angry mob...

Attribute GainsEdit

This skill is affected by Attributes.

Dexterity Focus Power Strength
0% 50% 50% 0%

Used InEdit

Rank is the skill increase gained per level.

School Rank
Dragon Adventurer 8

Spells Edit

The current list of Primal spells are:



Stats IncreasersEdit

Ward Increasers Edit

Monsters Ward Decreasers Edit

Total Spell List Edit

NameLevelPrimal RequiredDescription
Arcane Refusal I18180+27 Flame Ward, +27 Ice Ward, +27 Energy Ward
Arcane Refusal II38380+57 Flame Ward, +57 Ice Ward, +57 Energy Ward
Arcane Refusal III58580+87 Flame Ward, +87 Ice Ward, +87 Energy Ward
Arcane Refusal IV78780+117 Flame Ward, +117 Ice Ward, +117 Energy Ward
Arcane Refusal V98980+147 Flame Ward, +147 Ice Ward, +147 Energy Ward
Barrage I10100Damage: 13 - 18 primal
Barrage II30300Damage: 39 - 54 primal
Barrage III50500Damage: 64 - 89 primal
Barrage IV70700Damage: 88 - 123 primal
Barrage V90900Damage: 110 - 155 primal
Blast I13130Damage: 22 - 30 primal
Blast II33330Damage: 51 - 68 primal
Blast III53530Damage: 78 - 106 primal
Blast IV73730Damage: 105 - 143 primal
Blast V93930Damage: 131 - 178 primal
Breeze I11Effect: Breeze I
Breeze II20200Effect: Breeze II
Breeze III40400Effect: Breeze III
Breeze IV60600Effect: Breeze IV
Breeze V80800Effect: Breeze V
Countercheck Primal I15150+23 Primal Ward
Countercheck Primal II35350+53 Primal Ward
Countercheck Primal III55550+83 Primal Ward
Countercheck Primal IV75750+113 Primal Ward
Countercheck Primal V95950+143 Primal Ward
Gift of Velocity I11+2 Fly Speed
Gift of Velocity II20200+4 Fly Speed
Gift of Velocity III40400+6 Fly Speed
Gift of Velocity IV60600+8 Fly Speed
Gift of Velocity V80800+10 Fly Speed
Grazing Winds I440-23 Primal Ward
Grazing Winds II24240-39 Primal Ward
Grazing Winds III44440-71 Primal Ward
Grazing Winds IV64640-103 Primal Ward
Grazing Winds V84840-135 Primal Ward
Gust I11Damage: 6 - 9 primal
Gust II20200Damage: 31 - 44 primal
Gust III40400Damage: 55 - 78 primal
Gust IV60600Damage: 78 - 111 primal
Gust V80800Damage: 100 - 142 primal
Ignore Mysticism I550+8 Spirit Ward, +8 Nature Ward, +8 Blight Ward
Ignore Mysticism II25250+38 Spirit Ward, +38 Nature Ward, +38 Blight Ward
Ignore Mysticism III45450+68 Spirit Ward, +68 Nature Ward, +68 Blight Ward
Ignore Mysticism IV65650+98 Spirit Ward, +98 Nature Ward, +98 Blight Ward
Ignore Mysticism V85850+128 Spirit Ward, +128 Nature Ward, +128 Blight
Improved Prime Bolt I10100Damage: 14 - 21 primal
Improved Prime Bolt II30300Damage: 32 - 49 primal
Improved Prime Bolt III50500Damage: 48 - 76 primal
Improved Prime Bolt IV70700Damage: 64 - 101 primal
Improved Prime Bolt V90900Damage: 78 - 126 primal
Novice Breeze I11Effect: Novice Breeze I
Novice Gust I11Damage: 5 - 8 primal
Primal Attack I550Effect: +1 Damage
Primal Attack II25250Effect: +2 Damage
Primal Attack III45450Effect: +3 Damage
Primal Attack IV65650Effect: +4 Damage
Primal Attack V85850Effect: +5 Damage
Primal Health I1212025-29 Health
Primal Health II3232065-69 Health
Primal Health III52520105-109 Health
Primal Health IV72720145-149 Health
Primal Health V92920185-189 Health
Prime Bolt I11Damage: 5 - 7 primal
Prime Bolt II20200Damage: 23 - 36 primal
Prime Bolt III40400Damage: 41 - 63 primal
Prime Bolt IV60600Damage: 57 - 89 primal
Prime Bolt V80800Damage: 72 - 115 primal
Promote Intellect I990+18 Power, +18 Focus
Promote Intellect II29290+42 Power, +42 Focus
Promote Intellect III49490+66 Power, +66 Focus
Promote Intellect IV69690+90 Power, +90 Focus
Promote Intellect V89890+114 Power, +114 Focus
Promote Vitality I990+18 Strenght, +18 Dexterity
Promote Vitality II29290+42 Strenght, +42 Dexterity
Promote Vitality III49490+66 Strenght, +66 Dexterity
Promote Vitality IV69690+90 Strenght, +90 Dexterity
Promote Vitality V89890+114 Strenght, +114 Dexterity
Quickening Breeze I17170Effect: Quickening Breeze I
Quickening Breeze II37370Effect: Quickening Breeze II
Quickening Breeze III57570Effect: Quickening Breeze III
Quickening Breeze IV77770Effect: Quickening Breeze IV
Quickening Breeze V97970Effect: Quickening Breeze V
Rejuvenating Breeze I770Effect: Rejuvenating Breeze I
Rejuvenating Breeze II27270Effect: Rejuvenating Breeze II
Rejuvenating Breeze III47470Effect: Rejuvenating Breeze III
Rejuvenating Breeze IV67670Effect: Rejuvenating Breeze IV
Rejuvenating Breeze V87870Effect: Rejuvenating Breeze V
Tempest I330Damage: 9 - 14 primal
Tempest II23230Damage: 27 - 42 primal
Tempest III43430Damage: 44 - 69 primal
Tempest IV63630Damage: 60 - 95 primal
Tempest V83830Damage: 74 - 119 primal
True Grit I11+18 Armor, +8 Health
True Grit II20200+34 Armor, +68 Health
True Grit III40400+66 Armor, +128 Health
True Grit IV60600+98 Armor, +188 Health
True Grit V80800+130 Armor, +248 Health
Unrelenting Winds I10100-16 Primal
Unrelenting Winds II30300-48 Primal
Unrelenting Winds III50500-80 Primal
Unrelenting Winds IV70700-112 Primal
Unrelenting Winds V90900-144 Primal

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