Priscilla the Shoulder Parrot is a Quest given by Kerrak .

Quest TextEdit


  1. Check around the trees near the ruined step-pyramid northwest of the city.
    Look around the pyramid till this message is shown: You spot a parrot high in a tree. Oops - it flew away.
  2. Where did it go?
    Keep looking around till you receive this message: You spot a parrot flying overhead. It keeps flying.
  3. It must be here some where...
    Keep on looking till this next message: You spot a parrot with an eye patch sitting on a branch above you. It looks at you and squawks, "Rawwwk! Look at the silly Gifted !" It cackles loudly and flies away.
  4. must...keep...looking...
  5. Find out if Guard Kerrak has any other information you could use.
  6. Ask Rialtos in Kion about catching the parrot.
  7. Obtain 40 flax spools and 40 grapes for the Parrot Traps
    After giving the items to Rialtos he will give you 4 Parrot Traps.
  8. Find four trees just that hug the north Sslanis city wall & set up the parrot traps.
    Finding the trees and having it trigger the quest is tricky. Here are the locations that have worked, and you may have to stand still a few moments to trigger the quest text. - 19770 / 21755 - This tree looks suitable. You quickly deploy a parrot trap.
  9. Try another tree...
    19844 / 21751 - This tree looks suitable. You quickly deploy a parrot trap.
  10. Two down and two traps to go.
    19912 / 21778 - This tree looks suitable. You quickly deploy a parrot trap.
  11. One more!
    19949 / 21734 - That was the last trap. Now you just have to wait a little while and see if you catch anything.
  12. Give the traps some time to work, then check back to see what you've caught.
    Just wait a little while till you see this message: Maybe you should head back to the traps and see what you've managed to catch.
  13. First Tree...
  14. Second Tree...
  15. Third Tree...
  16. Fourth Tree?
    You find Priscilla! But one problem: she's dead. You'll get a Dead Shoulder Parrot.
  17. Return to Kerrak with the remains of the shoulder parrot.
  18. Talk to Trask the Cleric Trainer in Sslanis about resurrecting the shoulder parrot.
    Trask is at about 19810 / 21620 "Resurrect a shoulder pet? Never! Our resources are stretched thin enough without this foolishness! Not even Aelia of Dalimond would waste her time with this, and she's the worst bleeding-heart tree hugger on the face of Istaria! Be gone! I have important work to do!'
  19. Talk to Aelia the Druid Trainer in Dalimond and hope that she's a bleeding-heart tree hugger with a soft spot for parrots.  Bring the body of Priscilla with you when you speak to her, it might help.
    Aelia is located at 22709 / 22711. She will resurrect Priscilla and you get a Resurrected Shoulder Parrot.
  20. Obtain a Cedar Treant Cones from a Massive Cedar Treant.  The Massive Cedar Treants are found in the very center of Lesser Aradoth, near the settlement of Parsinia.
  21. Return to Aelia with the Cedar Treant Cone.
  22. Take the seed cone, five wheat, five barley, and the ambrosia piece Aelia gave you to Fillet in Sslanis.
    Fillet will make you a Parrot Ambrosia Treat using the ingredients.
  23. Use the Parrot Ambrosia Treat and heal Priscilla.
  24. Hurry back to Guard Kerrak...only five minutes to spare!

Target MobsEdit


  • Craft Experience: 3000
  • Adventure Experience: 3000
  • Money: 5s