Quartermasters sell craft, dye, socketing and statistic techniques Tier I - V. All other techniques are drop only from evil creatures.

AzmedaiCraft IVKirasanct23,91428,026
Edison MaberlyCraft IIINew Rachival23,14825,603
Elmond WeissStatistic IIDalimond22,64322,793
Fibble BruntWinter Vale26,01828,217
Frig TallowgarMasterImperial Outpost27,44424,280
Holm NestlavenStatistic IIIMahagra23,66930,427
Janner CinderfallStatistic IVFeladan25,32423,227
MarcusStatistic I
Armor Dye
Weapon Dye
MelliCraft I
NalithessCraft IIChiconis24,29321,924
Vargas the BoldEastern Outpost28,72125,677

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