Ranger: Envenomed Arrow I is a Quest given by Rialtos, Jacinda the Eagle-Eyed, Calimir .

Rialtos the Wary is willing to teach you a new type of attack which is deadlier than your traditional arrows. But, before he will do so you must prove your strength and dedication to him.

Quest TextEdit

Rialtos tells you, Before you can learn what I have to teach, you must learn a thing or two about poison and poisonous creatures. Seek out the spiders known as Spinebleed and Blightbite on Lesser Aradoth. Spinebleed, being a Jungle Crawler, can usually be found in the Jungle surrounding Sslanis. Since Blightbite is a Forest Crawler, you will probably want to search within the Cedar Forest to the south of Kion. Rid the world of their presence and return to me with a sample of venom from each arachnid.

Rialtos tells you, I didn't expect you to return so soon. You've got the samples? Fine work! Once you have tasted a tiny sample of this mixture, you will be able to focus the power of the venom into your arrows. Allow me to show you how it's done...


  • Collect the Venom of the Forest Crawler Breeder known as Blightbite
  • Collect the Venom of the Jungle Crawler Breeder known as Spinebleed
  • Seek out two insects that are known for their deadly venom on Lesser Aradoth
  • Return to Rialtos the Wary in Kion with the samples of poison

Target MobsEdit


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