Rare Foods: Music of the Nightshade is a Quest given by Estelwen .

Quest TextEdit


  1. Speak to Jenria Coventry in Kirasanct
  2. Find the recipes for Sslanisian chocolate fudge and salty pretzels, then make 10 of each and bring them to Jenria Coventry in Kirasanct
  3. Wait while Fillet copies the recipes for you.
  4. Fillet appears to be finished with copying the recipes
  5. Craft 10 Rhyssa's Sslanisian Chocolate Fudge
  6. Craft 10 Senk's Salty Pretzels
  7. Take the snacks you made to Jenria in Kirasanct
  8. Return to Estelwen
  9. Speak to Kodess in New Rachival
  10. Return to Estelwen


From Fillet

From Jenria Coventry:

From Estelwen

  • Money: 5 silver

From Estelwen the second time:

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