Rare Foods: The Brains of the Outfit is a Quest given by Xenex the Blind .

Quest TextEdit

Xenex the Blind has the munchies for some brain food.


  1. See if someone in Feladan knows anything about this mysterious soup.
  2. Speak to Calimir the Ranger Trainer in Feladan
  3. Tell Estelwen about your conversation with Calimir
  4. Give Estelwen a minute
  5. The recipe.
  6. Make one Stone Squirrel Soup
  7. Make one Fiendish Funnel Cakes
  8. Deliver the snacks you made to Xenex in Mahagra

Target MobsEdit


From Estelwen:

From Xenex the Blind:

  • Craft Experience: 10000
  • Money: 25 silver

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