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Refreshing Breeze

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Refreshing Breeze
"The greatest beast stoof its ground, outnumbered and wounded many times, but it still refused to flee. Suddenly as if it senses the moment it had been waiting for the Dragon stirred and summoned the primal elements themselves, conjuring a breeze that was foul to those nearby but was sweet to the beast itself. The breeze caressed the dragon's scales and to our dismay its woundes began to close."

-- Orris Dal, Battle of Bayn Hill

Heal over Time (HoT)
Masterable: no
Passive: no
Refreshing Breeze

When UsedEdit

Delay: 20
Recycle: 3:00
Range: Self only
Target Effect: Refreshing Breeze <rank>

Effect: Refreshing Breeze <rank>Edit

Heals: (see below)
Cannot be dispelled
Duration: 0:45
Frequency: 0:05


Rank Level Heals Hoard cost
I 6 18-22 25
II 26 36-44 50
III 46 72-88 75
IV 66 144-176 100
V 86 288-344 125

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