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WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Tirral the Scout
Quest Type: Errand
Level Range: 10+
Location: Kion
Previous Quest: Deal with those Pesky Gruoks
Next Quest: Take care of the Wild Gruok Matriarch


  1. Listen to Tirral
  2. Gather 50 fungus for Tirral
    Dragons can use Dragon Ingenuity in order to gather the mushrooms.
  3. Return to Tirral at the Ranger's Camp with the Fungus you have gathered
  4. Take the Fungus to Kiva in Kion
    Kiva is the Tailor Trainer on the first floor of Lady Kendra's house in west Kion. At approxmately 20449 / 24439.
    Kiva will give you A Pair of Hunting Gloves to give to Tirral.
  5. Speak with Tirral at the Ranger's Camp south of Kion


  • Craft Experience: 1000
  • Adventure Experience: 1000
  • Money: 4 silver

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