You discovered an odd chunk of a golem core when you killed the golem Barridin the Miner referred to as Verdean. He suggested you take it to Bastea the Jeweler to discover more about an unusual glow it has and to find out if it might have any special uses.

Research: Verdean Core Chunk is an Errand Quest given by Barridin the Miner of Kion Volcano.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Bastea in Kion about the Core Chunk
    • Make sure you have the Verdean Core Chunk in your inventory, so you can give it to Bastea.
  2. Let Bastea investigate the Golem Core.
  3. Wait a moment for Bastea to Investigate the Golem Core
    • You only have to wait about 1 minute for the next part. You'll receive the following message when you've waited long enough: Bastea has finished inspecting the golem core.
  4. Speak with Bastea the Jeweler