Risen Bioscholars are a type of Abomination that can be found near Delgarath. They are crafted by the Withered Aegis out of dead parts of other undead creatures, animals, or even members of the Living Races. They are rarely found alone, often leading a pack of two to four other undead. Possible companions include Defiled Shades, Risen Researchers, and Twisted Automatons.

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Combat Tactics Edit

The bioscholar's companions are generally more dangerous than the bioscholar itself. Risen Researchers are healers, so they are best taken out quickly to stop them from healing back damage done to the others. Defiled Shades have stuns; depending on your abilities, you may want to take them out first. Twisted Automatons can generally be saved for last—they have more health than the other two monsters and do not have the same degree of problematic abilities. The automatons are, however, immune to Slash damage.

Almost all damage taken during the fight will be Slash or Blight damage. If a Defiled Shade is present, Energy damage will also be in the mix. Spells with the Cleanse technique will be helpful to dispell DoTs and debuffs like Misery's Company.

If mez abilities are available, you may wish to mez the bioscholar while you take care of his group. Be aware that new adds can spawn while you are fighting the bioscholar—take them out quickly then return to the bioscholar.

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Loot Edit

Risen Bioscholars have a chance to drop the following:

Ancient Barasavian Crown
Antiquated Breastplate
Exquisite Mirror
Imperial Crown
Imperial Urn
Ornamental Breastplate
Priceless Mirror
Radiant Blight Armor Crystal
Radiant Confectioner's Cog
Radiant Druidic Crystal of Magic
Radiant Druidic Crystal of Might
Radiant Energy Jewelry Crystal
Radiant Energy Weapon Crystal
Radiant Exsanguinating Crystal
Radiant Jewelry Crystal of Mind
Radiant Jewelry Crystal of Primal
Radiant Mason's Cog
Radiant Nature Jewelry Crystal