Risen Raiders are a type of Skeleton that can be found outside the south gate of Kion.



Risen Raiders have a chance to drop the following:

Antiquated Dagger
Antiquated Spear
Beginner Blight Protection Potion
Beginner Fine Medium Shield
Beginner Invisible Hide Cap
Beginner Invisible Ringmail Helm
Beginner Leather Belt
Beginner Spell: Ice Resistance
Beginner Spell: Thunder
Beginner Tannin Transmutation
Blessed Trinket
Brass Bell
Brass Coffer
Brass Urn
Bronze Metal Nugget
Cracked Bronze Earring Gem Setting
Cracked Bronze Large Axe Blade
Cracked Bronze Ring
Cracked Cedar Staff Limb
Cracked Dragon Wing Scale: Bronze
Craft: Scholar's Boon
Craft: Fitter's Boon
Craft: Fletcher's Boon
Dented Bell
Ectoplasmic Residue
Ethereal Trinket
Exquisite Earring
Ornamental Spear
Priceless Earring
Refurbished Bronze Bastard Sword
Refurbished Bronze Chainmail Shoulderpads
Refurbished Bronze Chainmail Skilts
Refurbished Cedar Composite Longbow
Refurbished Fine Bronze Mace
Refurbished Rough Leather Boots
Refurbished Rough Leather Bracer
Rough Leather Band
Shiny Trinket
Skeleton Rib Bone
Skeleton Thigh Bone
Spell: Chill I
Spell: Fog I
Spell: Nature Range I
Spell: Romp I
Spell: Shocked I
Defense: Flame Resistance I
Defense: Life Resistance I
Defense: Mind Resistance I
Spell: Burning Damage I
Spell: Ice Range I
Adventure: Flame I
Adventure: Mind I