Ryson Stormbringer's Challenge is a Quest given by Ryson Stormbringer .

Quest TextEdit

You have learned much on Spirit Isle and Ryson feels that you are ready to continue on to your next destination, the island of New Trismus. With that in mind, he has set a challenge of spirit and of mind before you.


  • The Challenge
To complete this step simply select the word "challenge" and then "explore" from the chat text Ryson Stormbringer gives atfer accepting the quest.
You will gain the first rewards once you speak with Steward Pratt McGrubben
The Chocolate Gruok Tail sold by Geoff costs only 25c and is readily available for all players.


First Reward (after speaking with Steward McGrubben)

  • Craft Experience: 100
  • Adventure Experience: 100
  • Money: 25 coper (to buy the Chocolate Gruok Tail)

Second Reward (after bringing Steward McGrubben a Chocolate Gruok Tail)

  • Craft Experience: 150
  • Adventure Experience: 150
  • Money: 500 copper