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Seliena the Brilliant is a named creature.

Seliena is a main target in the Rite of Passage. Bring friends to the battle and use the Helian Phylactery as often as possible. Seliena the Brilliant uses most dragon attacks including Refreshing Breeze and a single-strike Gold Rage.



  • Allowance of Power
  • Decaying Bite
  • Determination
  • Drain Strike
  • Gold Rage X
  • Leeching Strike
  • Menacing Presence
  • Paralyzing Glance
  • Ravage
  • Soul Devour
  • Spiked Scales
  • Staggering Howl
  • Tail Whip


Seliena the Brilliant's Loot
T3 Broken Items
Hardened Leather Band
Steel Metal Nugget
Gold Metal Nugget
Oak Wood Strip
Ruined Dragon Chest Scale: Steel
Ruined Dragon Foreleg Scale: Steel
Ruined Dragon Head Scale: Steel
Ruined Dragon Hindleg Scale: Steel
Scale Hardener: Steel
Ruined Dragon Wing Scale: Steel
Ruined Gold Bracelet
Ruined Gold Bracelet Gem Setting
Ruined Gold Earring Post
Ruined Gold Earring Gem Setting
Ruined Gold Necklace Chain
Ruined Gold Necklace Pendant
Ruined Gold Ring
Ruined Gold Ring Gem Setting
Ruined Steel Battle Axe Blade
Ruined Oak Bow Limb
Ruined Steel Broad Sword Blade
Ruined Oak Crossbow Stock
Ruined Oak Crossbow Trigger
Ruined Steel Dagger Blade
Ruined Steel Large Axe Blade
Ruined Hardened Leather Wrappings
Ruined Oak Staff Limb
Ruined Steel Long Spear Blade
Ruined Steel Long Sword Blade
Ruined Steel Mace Crown
Ruined Steel Maul Head
Ruined Steel Short Sword Blade
Ruined Steel Sword Pommel
Ruined Steel Two-Handed Sword Blade
Ruined Steel Warhammer Head
Ruined Oak Weapon Handle
Ruined Oak Wood Shaft
T3 Looted Formulas
Journeyman Leather Tannin
Journeyman Invisible Ringmail Helm
Journeyman Invisible Scalemail Helm
Journeyman Invisible Ringmail Mask
Journeyman Invisible Scalemail Mask
Journeyman Chainmail Belt
Journeyman Platemail Belt
Journeyman Fine Heavy Round Shield
Journeyman Fine Large Shield
Journeyman Fine Medium Shield
Journeyman Fine Reinforced Round Shield
Journeyman Fine Round Shield
Journeyman Fine Round Cross Shield
Journeyman Fine Small Shield
Journeyman Chainmail Bracer
Journeyman Platemail Bracer
Journeyman Chainmail Helm
Journeyman Invisible Chainmail Helm
Journeyman Invisible Platemail Helm
Journeyman Platemail Helm
Journeyman Invisible Cargo Cap
Journeyman Invisible Cloth Cap
Journeyman Invisible Hide Cap
Journeyman Invisible Cloth Mask
Journeyman Invisible Hide Mask
Journeyman Leather Belt
Journeyman Padded Belt
Journeyman Leather Bracer
Journeyman Padded Wristband
Journeyman Invisible Leather Cap
Journeyman Invisible Padded Cap
Journeyman Leather Cap
Journeyman Padded Cap
Journeyman Power Chest Scale
Journeyman Power Foreleg Scale
Journeyman Power Head Scale
Journeyman Focus Chest Scale
Journeyman Focus Foreleg Scale
Journeyman Focus Head Scale
Journeyman Armor Chest Scale
Journeyman Armor Foreleg Scale
Journeyman Armor Head Scale
Journeyman Health Chest Scale
Journeyman Health Foreleg Scale
Journeyman Health Head Scale
Journeyman Advanced Appetizers
Journeyman Advanced Desserts
Journeyman Advanced Main Dishes
Journeyman Advanced Sides
Journeyman Essence Lamp
Journeyman Power Ring
Journeyman Power Earring
Journeyman Power Bracelet
Journeyman Power Necklace
Journeyman Focus Ring
Journeyman Focus Earring
Journeyman Focus Bracelet
Journeyman Focus Necklace
Journeyman Armor Ring
Journeyman Armor Earring
Journeyman Recharge Cell
Journeyman Fabric Transmutation
Journeyman Metal Transmutation
Journeyman Sap and Bark Transmutation
Journeyman Tannin Transmutation
Journeyman Stone Transmutation
Journeyman Wood Transmutation
Journeyman Gem Transmutation
Journeyman Metal Reaping Potion
Journeyman Bolster Focus Potion
Journeyman Bolster Power Potion
Journeyman Wood Reaping Potion
Journeyman Blight Protection Potion
Journeyman Ginesh's Thickened Skin Potion
Journeyman Latro's Evasive Aura Potion
Journeyman Stone Reaping Potion
Journeyman Vestia's Soothing Remedy Potion
Journeyman Spell: Primal Alacrity
Journeyman Spell: Mystic Blaze
Journeyman Spell: Sear
Journeyman Spell: Tempest
Journeyman Spell: Grazing Winds
Journeyman Spell: Blight Resistance
Journeyman Spell: Brittle
Journeyman Spell: Energy Strike
Journeyman Spell: Enhance Armor
Journeyman Spell: Enhance Dexterity
Journeyman Spell: Enhance Focus
Journeyman Spell: Enhance Health
Journeyman Spell: Enhance Power
Journeyman Spell: Enhance Strength
Journeyman Spell: Ensnaring Roots
Journeyman Spell: Flame Wave
Journeyman Spell: Freeze
Journeyman Spell: Group Health
Journeyman Spell: Lessen Armor
Journeyman Spell: Lessen Dexterity
Journeyman Spell: Lessen Focus
Journeyman Spell: Lessen Health
Journeyman Spell: Lessen Power
Journeyman Spell: Lessen Strength
Journeyman Spell: Mark
Journeyman Spell: Soften
Journeyman Spell: Spirit Resistance
Journeyman Spell: Theft of Life
Journeyman Spell: Thunder
Journeyman Spell: Warped Perception
Journeyman Spell: Dispel
Journeyman Spell: Stone Fist
Journeyman Spell: Energy Attack
Journeyman Spell: Flame Attack
Journeyman Spell: Ice Attack
Journeyman Spell: Numbing Haze
Journeyman Spell: Primal Attack
Journeyman Spell: Rejuvenating Breeze
Journeyman Spell: Shocking Blast
Journeyman Spell: Blight Ward
Journeyman Spell: Earthen Crust
Journeyman Spell: Energy Ward
Journeyman Spell: Flame Ward
Journeyman Spell: Ice Ward
Journeyman Spell: Nature Ward
Journeyman Spell: Spirit Ward
Journeyman Spell: Promote Intellect
Journeyman Spell: Promote Vitality
Journeyman Spell: Improved Flame Bolt
Journeyman Spell: Improved Energy Bolt
Journeyman Spell: Improved Lightning Bolt
Journeyman Spell: Mind Bolt
Journeyman Spell: Improved Prime Bolt
Journeyman Spell: Improved Revitalize
Journeyman Spell: Improved Spirit Bolt
Journeyman Shillelagh
Journeyman Composite Longbow
Journeyman Composite Shortbow
Journeyman Cudgel
Journeyman Fine Crossbow
Journeyman Fine Longbow
Journeyman Fine Shortbow
Journeyman Fine Staff
Journeyman Fine Club
Journeyman Fine Shillelagh
Journeyman Bastard Sword
Journeyman Broad Sword
Journeyman Hatchet
Journeyman Short Spear
Journeyman Battle Axe
Journeyman Dirk
Journeyman Gladius
Journeyman Two-Handed Sword
Journeyman Warhammer
Journeyman Fine Bastard Sword
Journeyman Fine Broad Sword
Journeyman Fine Dagger
Journeyman Fine Hatchet
Journeyman Fine Large Axe
Journeyman Fine Mace
Journeyman Fine Short Spear
Journeyman Fine Short Sword
T3 Hoardables
Ancient Staff of the Sorcerer
Antiquated Axe
Exquisite Necklace
Golden Bell
Golden Coffer
Golden Crown
Golden Scepter
Golden Urn
Ornamental Axe
Priceless Necklace
T3 Looted Techniques
Adventure: One Hand Crush III
Adventure: One Hand Pierce III
Adventure: One Hand Slash III
Adventure: Two Hand Crush III
Adventure: Two Hand Slash III
Adventure: Augmentation III
Adventure: Blight III
Adventure: Bow III
Adventure: Crossbow III
Adventure: Dragon Breath III
Adventure: Energy III
Adventure: Flame III
Adventure: Ice III
Adventure: Life III
Adventure: Mind III
Adventure: Nature III
Adventure: Primal III
Ability: Power Shot III
Ability: Power Strike III
Ability: Smash III
Adventure: Spirit III
Adventure: Tooth and Claw III
Adventure: Unarmed III
Defense: Armor III
Defense: Blight Resistance III
Defense: Blight Ward III
Defense: Block III
Defense: Crush Resistance III
Defense: Crush Ward III
Defense: Energy Resistance III
Defense: Energy Ward III
Defense: Ethereal Armor III
Defense: Flame Resistance III
Defense: Flame Ward III
Defense: Ice Resistance III
Defense: Ice Ward III
Defense: Life Resistance III
Defense: Life Ward III
Defense: Mind Resistance III
Defense: Mind Ward III
Defense: Nature Resistance III
Defense: Nature Ward III
Defense: Parry III
Defense: Pierce Resistance III
Defense: Pierce Ward III
Defense: Primal Resistance III
Defense: Primal Ward III
Defense: Slash Resistance III
Defense: Slash Ward III
Defense: Spirit Resistance III
Defense: Spirit Ward III
Spell: Accuracy III
Spell: Bane III
Spell: Blight Damage III
Spell: Blight Poison III
Spell: Blight Range III
Spell: Burning Damage III
Spell: Chill III
Spell: Cinder III
Spell: Cleanse III
Spell: Combust III
Spell: Concentrated III
Spell: Covalence III
Spell: Critical Damage III
Spell: Derange III
Spell: Energy Damage III
Spell: Energy Range III
Spell: Flame Damage III
Spell: Flame Range III
Spell: Fog III
Spell: Fortify III
Spell: Freeze III
Spell: Gale III
Spell: Heal Increase III
Spell: Heal Recycle III
Spell: Ice Damage III
Spell: Ice Range III
Spell: Ice Snare III
Spell: Junction III
Spell: Life Range III
Spell: Mind Damage III
Spell: Mind Range III
Spell: Nature Damage III
Spell: Nature Range III
Spell: Numbing III
Spell: Pierce III
Spell: Potency III
Spell: Primal Damage III
Spell: Primal Range III
Spell: Romp III
Spell: Scorn III
Spell: Shocked III
Spell: Spirit Damage III
Spell: Spirit Range III
Spell: Stun III
Spell: Taint III

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