The Shadow Dragon is a named undead dragon that can be found upon on a Blighted Portal in Draak, without cohorts. He is part of the Rite of Passage.

Combat Tactics Edit

Hatchlings on the Rite of Passage should use their Lunus Phylactery together with a group of friends to bring down the monster.

The Shadow Dragon uses the most basic dragon abilities, and has no Silver Strike or Gold Rage or Breath attacks. In addition to the Dragon abilities, the Shadow Dragon also has several Withered Aegis Abilities like Soul Devour and Leeching Strike.

Abilities Edit

Ability Damage Type
Tail Whip Crush
Ravage Slash
Decaying Bite Slash
Drain Strike Slash
Staggering Howl Slash
Menacing Presence Mind
Soul Devour Blight
Leeching Strike Slash
Spiked Scales Pierce
Paralyzing Glance None
Allowance of Power None
Determination None