Allows the character to use progressively more effective shields.

Attribute GainsEdit

This skill is affected by Attributes.

50% 0% 0% 50%

Used InEdit

Rank is the skill increase gained per level.

Cleric 10
Knight of Creation 10
Paladin 10
Reaver 10
Spearman 10
Warrior 10
Battle Mage 8
Crossbowman 8
Druid 8
Healer 8
Ranger 8
Scout 8
Guardian 7
Shaman 7

Shields Using This SkillEdit

Fine Heavy Round Shield
Fine Large Shield
Fine Medium Shield
Fine Reinforced Round Shield
Fine Round Cross Shield
Fine Round Shield
Fine Small Shield
Heavy Round Shield
Large Shield
Medium Shield
Reinforced Round Shield
Reklar's Tower Shield
Round Cross Shield
Round Shield
Small Shield
Summon Shield of Creation

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