Shield Tech Kit: Fiery Rose Quartz Shard
Item Type: Shield Tech Kit
Bulk: 2
Hoard Value: 1200
Fiery Rose Quartz Shard

A perfect shard of imbued Rose Quartz that has harnessed the power of the volcano itself. Fortifies a head scale or shield with the power and strength of fire itself.

+14 to Flame Resistance
15% chance to give melee or ranged attack Burning (38 to 43 flame damage every 6 seconds for 30 seconds).

Conflicts With: Applied Item, Flame Resist Up


Applied to: Head Scale, Shield
Attuning, once equipped cannot be traded
Uses one technique slot


Quest reward from The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard offered by Miner Jemmei Brocklebor in Heart.

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