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Siggurd Forgetender resides near the Metal Cenotaph. He provides the Master Metal Bar formula to those with 1200+ Smelting skill.

Lore Edit

Siggurd tells you, ‘I am Siggurd, called Forgetender, son of Ingve, son of Dumman, of the Hammersmith Clan from the , and I give you greeting. By what name are you known? Ah well met then, (player name). Indeed, ‘tis glad I am to see you!’

Siggurd tells you, ‘Hearken to me and hear my tail. When the Withered Aegis came, they looked to the future and knew that the Living Races would be easier to conquer if they no longer had the knowledge to make the mightiest of items. Wraith Overlord Ludd began tracking down every living master crafter. He found them, killed them, and raised them again to serve the undead legions. One by one my students, my teachers, and my friends fell, until only I remained – the last master metalsmith of the living races.’

Siggurd tells you, ‘ Ludd had managed to exterminate almost all of the other master crafters as well, so the Empire brought the few who remained to Tazoon. There, we began work on the items needed for the Ritual of Life Everlasting. We thought it would protect us from death at the hands of the Withered Aegis. We were quite wrong. None of the master crafters became Gifted. The Empire tried to hide and protect us, but to no avail. Ludd found us, and murdered us.’

Siggurd tells you, ‘But he could not raise us! I know not whyl the protections of the Gods, or perhaps the energies we were exposed to while preparing for the Ritual, Whatever the reason, we are now neither alive, nor dead, nor undead. We cannot be animated, nor can we be returned to life. We can still interact with the living, as you can see. Ludd imprisoned our spirits within these statues, which he then sundered, hoping to keep our knowledge beyond the reach of the Living Races forever.’

Quests AvailableEdit

No quests for this NPC.

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