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Skalkaar Isle

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Skalkaar Isle
Destination Pad: (41496,16500)
Travel Gate: (42491,16503)
Shrine: (41668,16498)
Plots: No plots
Lairs: No lairs
Skalkaar Isle

Skalkaar Isle is the tutorial island for Dragon players. There are a number of Quests designed to help new Dragons explore the land and learn how to play the game. The Biped-equivalent tutorial island is Spirit Isle.


To start the tutorial quest a player only has to start a conversation with the quest NPC mentioned below and all quests available on Skalkaar will eventually be given.

Quest NPC: Instructor Karkath

Starting quest: Dragon Tutorial: Kill 1 Skalkaar Grulet

Locations of InterestEdit

Skalkaar Isle
Point of Interest Name
  • I. Arrival Pad
  • II. Portal to New Trimus
  • III. Information Building
  • IV. Shrine

Total Quest listEdit

Quest Level
Dragon Tutorial: Craft 10 Sandstone Bricks 1
Dragon Tutorial: Greet the Consigner in New Trismus 1
Dragon Tutorial: Craft 10 Bronze Bars 1
Dragon Tutorial: Craft Skalkaar Dragon Claw 1
Dragon Tutorial: Loot 1 Grulet Tusk 1
Dragon Tutorial: Collect 35 Uncut Garnet 1
Dragon Tutorial: Collect 50 Sandstone Slabs 1
Dragon Tutorial: Collect 50 Copper and Tin Ore 1
Dragon Tutorial: Spells and Abilities 1
Dragon Tutorial: Kill 5 Skalkaar Brown Spider Hatchlings 1
Dragon Tutorial: Craft Skalkaar Dragon Scale 1
Dragon Tutorial: Craft 6 Cut Garnet 1
Dragon Tutorial: Kill 3 Tiny Grass Beetles 1
Dragon Tutorial: Kill 1 Skalkaar Grulet 1

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