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Skeletons are one form of undead creatures used by the Withered Aegis in Istaria. They can be formed from any of the living races and be of any school, including some not available to the living races. As skeletons, they have the abilities of their school and race as well some unique to the undead.

When killed, they may drop formulas, techniques, Hoard Items, and Junk Items.

General Skeleton LevelsEdit

Name Level Health
Captain Brak 018 0764
Commander Torrek 018 0750
Decayed Elven Trooper 091-092 2143-2410
Disgraced Scout 090 2120
Elite Bone Vindicator 018-019 1472-1538
Fallen Overseer 035-036 0715-0734
Lieutenant Borlak 17 636
Lieutenant Khar 16 603
Lieutenant Tarn 17 436
Lieutenant Vekh 20 845
Marrow Guard 100 8120
Risen Raider 011 0288
Risen Researcher 096-099 2162-2228
Skeletal Patroller 007 0143 - 0174
Skeletal Protector 018-019 0446-0468
Skeletal Raider 009 0220 - 0267
Skeletal Ravager 018-019 0406-0424

These skeletons are the ones that drop technique components.

Level Name Health Location Ability
1 to 20 Weaker race Skeleton
21 to 40 Lesser race Skeleton
41 to 60 Greater race Skeleton
61 to 80 Mighty race Skeleton
81 to 100 Veteran race Skeleton
101 to 120 Elite race Skeleton

Non-Tiered SkeletonsEdit

Level Name Health Location Ability
7 to 10race Skeleton school

Valor and Vigilance: Defend New Trismus SkeletonsEdit

These Skeletons are associated with this quest.

Level Name Health Location Ability
7 to 10Skeleton school Patrol
7 to 10Skeleton school Raider
7 to 10Skeletal Defender school

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