Slash Damage is an attack that does its damage using cutting and slashing actions. Different armor types are more resistant to Slash Damage damage, and there are various abilities and spells that can also increase your resistance to Slash Damage damage.

The following weapons use Slash Damage damage:

Bastard Sword
Battle Axe
Broad Sword
Broken Battle Axe
Broken Broad Sword
Broken Large Axe
Broken Long Sword
Broken Short Sword
Broken Two-Handed Sword
Demon's Claw
Fine Bastard Sword
Fine Battle Axe
Fine Broad Sword
Fine Gladius
Fine Hand Axe
Fine Hatchet
Fine Large Axe
Fine Long Sword
Fine Short Sword
Fine Two-Handed Sword
Galt's Blade
Gem-Tipped Dragon Claws
Hand Axe
Large Axe
Lesser-Gem Tipped Dragon Claws
Long Sword
Reklar's Chaos Chakram
Short Sword
Skalkaar Dragon Claw
Sslanis Militia Blade
Summon Blade of Creation
The Zealot
Two-Handed Sword
Valkor's Blood Sword
Valkor's Blood Talon
Wolf Hide Blade

The following spells cause Slash damage:

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The following techniques add Slash damage:

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The following abilities do Slash Damage damage:

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