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Smelting Mastery VII: Craft 70 Cobalt Bars

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Smelting Mastery VII: Craft 70 Cobalt Bars
Min Level 70
Race Dragon
School Dragon Crafter
Items Cobalt Bar
x 70
Abilities Smelting Mastery VII

Complete the trial by crafting 70 Cobalt Bars and returning them to Althanas the Great.

Smelting Mastery VII: Craft 70 Cobalt Bars is a Crafting Quest given by Althanas the Great of Chiconis.

Quest Steps

  1. Smelt 70 Cobalt Bars
  2. Return with the Cobalt Bars to Althanas
Previous Quest
Smelting Mastery VI: Craft 140 Steel Bars

Next Quest
Smelting Mastery VIII: Craft 140 Cobalt Bars

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