Solistan is the Imperial Recognition Officer and is located in Dalimond. When you reach level 100 in a craft, he will give you the Expert Badge.

Find Solistan on Istaria Reference's in-browser map!

Quests AvailableEdit

No quests for this NPC.

Available Titles Edit

Hint: To regain any of the Expert Crafter titles/emblems you just need to visit Solistan in Dalimond with the desired crafting school beeing active.

Title: Expert AlchemistLevel 100 Alchemist
Title: Expert ArmorerLevel 100 Armorer
Title: Expert BlacksmithLevel 100 Blacksmith
Title: Expert CarpenterLevel 100 Carpenter
Title: Expert ConfectionerLevel 100 Confectioner
Title: Expert Dragon CrafterLevel 100 Dragon Crafter
Title: Expert EnchanterLevel 100 Enchanter
Title: Expert FitterLevel 100 Fitter
Title: Expert FletcherLevel 100 Fletcher
Title: Expert GathererLevel 100 Gatherer
Title: Expert JewelerLevel 100 Jeweler
Title: Expert MasonLevel 100 Mason
Title: Expert MinerLevel 100 Miner
Title: Expert OutfitterLevel 100 Outfitter
Title: Expert ScholarLevel 100 Scholar
Title: Expert SpellcrafterLevel 100 Spellcrafter
Title: Expert TailorLevel 100 Tailor
Title: Expert TinkererLevel 100 Tinkerer
Title: Expert WeaponsmithLevel 100 Weaponsmith
Title: Expert WeaverLevel 100 Weaver
Title: Grand Master CrafterLevel 100 all Crafting Schools
Title: Master BuilderLevel 100 in 5 crafting schools

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