Modifies the maximum damage output of a flame damage spell.

Adding this technique to a spell adds a prefix to the spell's name. The prefix varies depending on spell and tier.

Technique EffectsEdit

TechniqueExtra Damage
Spell: Flame Damage I+2
Spell: Flame Damage II+4
Spell: Flame Damage III+6
Spell: Flame Damage IV+8
Spell: Flame Damage V+10

Technique RequirementsEdit

Technique Technique Components Image
Spell: Flame Damage I
Spell Flame Damage I
Spell: Flame Damage II
Spell Flame Damage II
Spell: Flame Damage III
File:Spell Flame Damage III.jpg
Spell: Flame Damage IV
File:Spell Flame Damage IV.jpg
Spell: Flame Damage V
File:Spell Flame Damage V.jpg

Applicable SpellsEdit

The following spells can use Spell: Flame Damage:

Burning Hands
Burning Sky (spell line)
Fiery Strike
Flame Bolt
Flame Bomb
Flame Wave
Improved Flame Bolt
Improved Flame Wave

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