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Spell: Fortify

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Gives a beneficial spell a chance to generate an additional armor increase.

Technique EffectsEdit

TechniqueChance for Benefit
Spell: Fortify I15%
Spell: Fortify II25%
Spell: Fortify III35%
Spell: Fortify IV45%
Spell: Fortify V55%

Technique RequirementsEdit

Technique Technique Components Image
Spell: Fortify I
File:Spell Fortify I.jpg
Spell: Fortify II
File:Spell Fortify II.jpg
Spell: Fortify III
File:Spell Fortify III.jpg
Spell: Fortify IV
File:Spell Fortify IV.jpg
Spell: Fortify V
File:Spell Fortify V.jpg

Applicable SpellsEdit

The following spells can use Spell: Fortify:

Arcane Refusal
Blight Resistance
Blight Ward
Countercheck Primal
Energy Attack
Energy Resistance
Energy Ward
Enhance Armor
Enhance Dexterity
Enhance Focus
Enhance Health
Enhance Power
Enhance Strength
Ice Attack
Ice Resistance
Ice Ward
Ignore Mysticism
Nature Resistance
Nature Ward
Promote Intellect
Promote Vitality
Raise Armor
Raise Dexterity
Raise Focus
Raise Health
Raise Power
Raise Strength
Soul Shield
Spirit Resistance
Spirit Ward
Surge of Armor
Surge of Dexterity
Surge of Focus
Surge of Health
Surge of Power
Surge of Strength
Swift Feet
True Grit

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