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Spiked Scales
"Claws, teeth and fire aren't the only weapons that the Mighty of Drulkar possess. Even their scales can be a weapon!"

--Talthok, after the Fall of Barasavus

Damage Shield
Masterable: no
Passive: no
Attack Type: pierce
Spiked Scales

The Dragon's scales turn into spiked armor, damaging melee attackers that hit you.

When UsedEdit

Delay: 40
Recycle: 2:00
Range: Self Only
Target Effect: Spiked Scales <rank>


Damage Type: pierce
Duration: 1:00


Rank Level Damage
Spiked Scales I 10 2-4
Spiked Scales II 20 4-6
Spiked Scales III 30 6-8
Spiked Scales IV 40 8-11
Spiked Scales V 50 10-13
Spiked Scales VI 60 12-15
Spiked Scales VII 70 14-18
Spiked Scales VIII 80 16-20
Spiked Scales IX 90 18-22
Spiked Scales X 100 20-25

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