This is a remote area of Aradoth north of Lerena, south southwest of Harro, and east of Selen with Lerena being the closest and safest portal. The Tower of Spirits with Lord Achilles the Achaian is located here at 27619/22950. A druid circle where Chardonnay resides is located at 27757/22667. Ruins and a sinking building are at 28370/22912. Skulk Headquarters is located at 28718/22609 with the Skulk Tower at 28787/22655.


The swamp is home to Bloodsnout Gruok, Purple Spiders, and the tribe of Blood Skulk lead by Chieftain Bulok. All are hostile and very aggressive.

No NPCs found.
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No Named Creatures found.


Resources in the area include Ironsilk, Shining Wisps, Mackerel, and Bitterroot. A Clothworking shelter is nearby.

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