Sslanis Militia: Assault on the Dead is a Quest given by Kerrak .

Quest TextEdit

Kerrak is a member of the Sslanis Militia. He wants you to do something to make a statement to Lady Kendra. He's sent you into the Sslanis Jungle to attack Urden and his followers.


  1. Kill Lord Urden and take his head to Sgt. Talinese in Parsinia. Lord Urden is found deep inside the Sslanis Jungle in a blighted area near the Jeweler's Shop.
  2. Kill five of the Rotted Priests which defend Urden
  3. Take the head of Lord Urden to Sgt. Talinese in Parsinia
  4. Return to Sslanis and tell Kerrak this task is done.

Target MobsEdit


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