Sslanis Militia: Basic Stores Report is a Quest given by Kerrak .


  1. Kerrak's Tale 1
    Keep talking with Kerrak to learn the history of the Sslik as they see it.
  2. Get Nassath to sign the Basic Stores Report
  3. Get Shasses the Guard to sign the Basic Stores Report
  4. Convince Fillet to sign the Basic Stores Report
  5. Acquire 150 Salt Rock and bring them to Fillet in Sslanis.  Fillet suggested you try the Scorpion Island around Mambow Point for collecting the salt.
  6. Return the Basic Stores Report to Guard Kerrak.
  7. Take the stores report to the Kion Supply Master, Officer Amonsu, for review.
  8. Take the Stores Report to Lady Kendra
  9. Report back to Kerrak and collect the fee you were promised.

Quest DialogueEdit

The folowing is Ssoren's story of the history of the Sslik:

In the beginning of the world, the gods cast lots to decide where each race would live. Dragons won the high mountains and deep fires, dwarves the places of stone and the depths of the earth. Elves won the great forests and humans the tall grasslands. Merrasat claimed the sun-warmed deserts and sandy beaches for the Saris. So it went, until Istara had given all the world away. Kaasha, Maker of the Sslik, said nothing, and cast no lot. Istara came to Kaasha, saying, “No lands remain for your children, Kaasha. Why did Kaasha not speak?”

Kaasha bowed before Istara, and said, “The lands are Istara’s to give, not Kaasha’s to take. Kaasha’s children are strong, and will live where Istara wills them to. Kaasha and Kaasha’s children trust the wisdom of Istara. Where does Istara wish Kaasha’s children tolive?”

Istara was delighted, for Kaasha was wise and humble. “Kaasha’s children shall have all the lands of Istara. To them is given the open road and the far horizon, and neither mountain nor river nor wall constructed by hands shall hold them bound, save they wish to rest a time.” Istara clapped a single time, and it was so.

The gods of the humans, elves, and dwarves hated Kaasha then, for they felt they had been tricked. Ever since then, their children have persecuted the Sslik and driven us back to the road. From time to time, we have rested, and offered to live in fellowship with our enemies. It never lasted, and the Sslik were driven tothe end of the world.

Alone of all the gods, Merrasat approved of Kaasha's wisdom. Merrasat stood with raised paw and rebuked the enemies of Kaasha. The other gods looked to Istara, but Istara was silent. The enemies of Kaasha were made humble, and so it was that the Sslik were welcomed by the Saris and given shelter. So it has been since the rise of the Children of Vandus, and so it is today.


Upon giving Fillet 150 Rock Salt

  • Money: 1 silver 500 copper

Upon returning to Kerrak after completing his tasks

  • Craft Experience: 1750
  • Adventure Experience: 1750
  • Money: 5 silver