Sslanis Militia: Battle Sugar Cane is a Quest given by Kerrak .

Quest TextEdit

Investigate the source of the strange liquid you found and what purpose it might serve.


  1. Speak to Sshranu about the unknown liquid
    Sshranu is the alchemist trainer on the second floor of the Sslanis main building. He's located at 19831 / 21648.
  2. Speak to Fillet about the unknown liquid
  3. Ask Vrex about the smashed pots at the Dryart dig site
    Vrex is near the southern Sslanis wall at 19821 / 21571.
  4. Ask Fillet where a large supply of sugar cane may be found
  5. Investigate the confectioner building (18490 / 23100) on the Island of the Drowned.
  6. Look around the sugar cane field (Just west of the confectioner building across the pond)
    When you reach the sugar cane field you will receive a quest message and an Ancient Mummy (Rating 21) will appear.
  7. Kill the ancient mummy
    Loot the Tattered Book and an Ancient Iron Mixing Spoon from the Ancient Mummy's corpse.
  8. Return to Kerrak and report

Target MobsEdit


  • Adventure Experience: 2000
  • Money: 5 silver