Sslanis Militia: The Defender's Blade is a Quest given by Kerrak .

Quest TextEdit

A special blade has been commissioned, and helps is needed in gather a few matierals in order to create the prototype.


  1. Deliver twenty (20) Flame Essence to Sshranu in Sslanis. The only know location for gathering flame essence is in the Kion Volcano. When there, be careful to avoid the fire golem known as Turoth.
  2. Nassaths troubles
    Nassath (the blackmsith trainer in Sslanis) will give you Nassath's Log Book and Nassath's Weak Bronze Ingots.
  3. Take Nassaths ingots to Jeysta Maaltas in Mahagra
    Keep speaking to Jeysta Maaltas (the weaponsmith trainer in Mahagra) till you get the next part of the quest.
  4. Return the annotated log book to Nassath
  5. Speak to Ssoren to learn about the militia blade.
  6. Loot 10 Bronze Boulder Golem Hearts for Ssoren. Bronze Boulder Golems wander the mine fields between Kion and Sslanis near a town named Parsinia.
    Travel to Parsinia and head South to find the Bronze Boulder Golems in a canyon.
  7. Take the golem hearts to Ssoren
  8. Speak to Nassath as soon as possible about the forging of the blade.
  9. Wait for Nassath to finish tempering and sharpening the prototype sword.
    You need to wait 2-3 minutes for Nassath to finish the blade.
  10. Nassath has finished the blade
    Nassath will give you a Sslanis Militia Blade to bring to Ssoren
  11. Take the prototype blade to Ssoren

Target MobsEdit


  • Upon giving Sshranu the 20 Flame Essence
    • 5 silver
  • Upon listening to Jeysta Maaltas
    • 500 copper
  • Upon returning to Nassath with the annotated log book.
    • 1500 Adventure experience
    • 1500 Crafter experience
    • 3 silver
  • Upon Nassath completing the blade
  • Upon bringing the blade to Ssoren
    • 3000 Adventure experience
    • 5 silver