WARNING! This page contains spoilers for the quest.

Given By: Steward Pratt McGrubben
Quest Type: Lore
Level Range: 1+
Location: New Trismus
Next Quest: Trials of the Gifted

Quest TextEdit

Steward Pratt is sending you on a tour of New Trismus to familiarize yourself with who is where. He's promised that the information won't be your only reward.


Horizons 1330588860

A very rough drawing indicating the places you should visit for this quest. Note: #1 includes Miry and Frelic in New Trismus!

  1. Acolyte Miry is in the building north of Steward Pratt. Speak to her to continue learning your way around.
  2. Find the building with the vaultkeeper and Frelic. Greet Frelic to learn what role he plays in Istaria.
  3. Frelic has sent you to speak to Guran . He indicated that you should follow the road west out of town. When the road turns North, follow it up the hill and speak to Guran.
  4. Head south along the road through cedar trees until you reach Elenna
  5. Rancher Elden , whom Elenna seems to feel is an incredible man, can be found on his ranch just south of New Trismus. You can either continue to follow the road and go past Pratt's Pond, or go back into town and out the Easthern road. If you pass a road lamp then you've gone too far.
  6. Return to Steward Pratt . Let him know that you are now familiar with the island and ready to continue your training as one of the Gifted.


  • Craft Experience: 500
  • Adventure Experience: 500
  • Money: 500c

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