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Steward Pratt McGrubben

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Steward Pratt McGrubben
Location: New Trismus
(X, Y): (45991,14706)
Rating: 15
School: Town Marshall
Health: 110
Steward Pratt McGrubben

Steward Pratt McGrubben is the Steward of New Trismus.

NOTE: Even though his school is Steward, he is similar to a Town Marshall and has been identified as such. This allows all his quests and information to be grouped with other Town Marshalls.

Quests AvailableEdit

Quest Level
Destination: Spirit Isle 1
Steward's Tour of New Trismus 1
Town Marshall: Beetle Mania 6
Town Marshall: Pelts for the Peddler 6
Town Marshall: Healthy Competition 6
The Town Marshalls of Istaria 6
Town Marshall: Picking on the Little Guy 6
Trials of the Gifted 7
Valor and Vigilance: Defend New Trismus 9
Valor and Vigilance: Defend New Trismus for Dragons 10

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