Stoneworking Mastery VII: Craft 70 Obsidian Bricks
Min Level 70
Race Dragon
School Dragon Crafter
Items Obsidian Brick
x 70
Abilities Stoneworking Mastery VII

Stoneworking Mastery VII: Craft 70 Obsidian Bricks is a Crafting Quest given by Saphias of Dralk.

Quest Steps

  1. Craft 70 obsidian bricks
  2. Deliver the 70 obsidian bricks to Saphias.

Quest Text


  • Hello [player], you come seeking knowledge of stone? If you think yourself capable of serving adequately, bring me 70 obsidian bricks fashioned by your own claws. If your handiwork shows adequate skill, I shall teach you.
  • Hmm, let me look at these a moment, [player]. Yes, you appear to have the basic skills I require, though the need for my instruction is quite obvious. Now, let me teach you some of the basics about our craft.
Previous Quest
Stoneworking Mastery VI: Craft 140 Granite Bricks

Next Quest
Stoneworking Mastery VIII: Craft 140 Obsidian Bricks

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