The Battlefields: Scouting the Battlefield is a Quest given by Jeffrey Smyth .

Quest TextEdit


  1. Travel to Chiconis and speak to Wintheria about what you found on the site of the Chiconis Battlefield.
  2. The first location marked on the map is actually near the silver mines north of the battlefield. There's a bridge which joins where silver can be mined to the battlefield.
  3. Across the bridge and to the east is the next marker on your map. There the dragons build palisade spikes out from the cliffside in defense of the area, and they remain there to this day. Go to the shore near these palisade spikes and look for signs of anyone passing the area in the sandy beach below them.
  4. Scout along the shoreline for signs of invasion. There is a marker on your map that indicates where the Aegis invasion had turned north from the shore into the hills. Follow their path looking fro signs of activity.
  5. Scout the around around the ruined ballista and trebuchet.
  6. Go to the old watch tower overlooking the battlefield and review activity on the field from there.
  7. Talk to Wintheria


  • Adventure Experience: 10000

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