The Lone Wolf of New Trismus is a Quest given by Rancher Elden .

Quest TextEdit

Rancher Elden complains of a large wolf attacking his cattle. Elden wants you to track down the wolf, kill it, and bring him its hide as proof of the deed. He suggests you start your search for the wolf with Guard Elainor in New Trismus.


  1. Talk to Rancher Elden.
  2. Speak with Guard Elainor who can be found just north of town
  3. Speak to Guran the Blacksmith about the Lone Wolf that some of the miners have seen. Guran can be found at the Ore Refinery west of town.
  4. Slay the Lone Wolf and brings its hide to Rancher Elden as proof of the deed. Guran the Blacksmith said the wolf was somewhere north and west of the Ore Refinery.
  5. Return to Rancher Elden and show him the wolf hide.

Target MobsEdit