The Lost Patrol (Part 2) is a Quest given by Sergeant Akkator .

Quest TextEdit

Your search for the lost patrol led you to an abandoned camp where you discovered a living member of the patrol you had been wounded. At his direction you also discovered a now deceased member of the patrol who had been captured. This information was brought back to Sergeant Akkator.


  1. Speak to Quartermaster Niiketz about supplies
  2. Deliver the Supplies to the Wounded Scout
  3. Talk to the Wounded Scout
  4. Locate the Lost Patrol in the Eastern Deadlands. Sergeant Akkator told you to stay on the paths and look toward the northern parts of the Eastern Deadlands, so that is where you should begin.
  5. Deliver the Supplies to Aelin, leader of the Lost Patrol.
  6. Talk to Aelin


  • Adventure Experience: 63800
  • Money: 10 silver

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