The Satyr: Stone of Revelry is a Quest given by Bacharath .

Bacharath has told you the tale of his people and their ensorcelment and also of the Machines on the Satyr Islands that must be defeated. To harm the machine you must obtain a Stone of Revelry, that contains magics that will counteract the power of the Withered Aegis

Quest TextEdit

Bacharath tells you, <player>, no doubt you are aware of the methods used by the Gifted to destroy the first crystal on the island. Those methods may yet again work, but not all Gifted were present during the last attempt. And so we must discover another way for you to damage the crystal and, Bachannatus willing, defeat it once and for all. Together we must locate a Stone of Revelry, for I believe these ancient stones will suffice.

Bacharath tells you, I may know where a stone can be found, <player>. Long ago the Elves lived among my people in the distant east. We taught them the art of stoneworking as well as the finer things in life, such as music and brewing and much more. Eventually the Elves moved here to Feladan to grow and to come into their own as a people. After a time they chose to build the city that you see around you today and they asked some of my people's greatest masons to assist.

Bacharath tells you, But the masons were not comfortable living beneath the great trees and so they settled nearby on an island known as Talinis where they could live among the stone and beneath the stars. That island was abandoned long ago, but I suspect it still exists and that, my friend, is where we may find a Stone of Revelry.

Bacharath tells you, The only way to reach the Island of Talinis, <player>, is to travel there through the Feladan travel gate. Go to this island and search it for relics such as the Stone that we seek. Be wary, Warrior, for it has been many many centuries since anyone stepped foot on the island and who knows what manner of beast may have taken up residence in the ruins.


  1. Listen to Bacharath
  2. Use the Feladan Travel Gate to reach the Island of Talinis
  3. Explore the Island and Recover a Stone of Revelry
  4. Return to Feladan and speak with Bacharath about the Stone of Revelry

Target MobsEdit


  • Adventure Experience: 25000

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