The Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient (Part 3) is a Quest given by Seldon the Searcher .

Seldon is very disturbed by what was in the letter you found. He is sending you back into Eastern Deadlands to find Darkstaff's tower and determine what is happening.

Quest TextEdit

Seldon tells you, I think I have determined what is being talked about in this letter and if I am correct, the news is not good. Not good at all, I'm afraid. I fear that the Aegis have begun to turn Darkstaff. No, no, I know it is not something which has happened before, but that is what I suspect. But if what is said in this letter is true, there is hope still that the process can be reversed! You must continue on your mission, <player>. You must get into Darkstaff's tower and find him!

Darkstaff tells you, Why hello there! Welcome to Dusk Tower! It is lovely to see you. What, pray tell, may I do for you this fine day?


  • Seek out Darkstaff's Tower within the Eastern Deadlands and see if you can determine what has happened to Darkstaff.
Note: The trigger point is not at the tower itself but down to the road at 30870, 26214.
  • Enter Dusk Tower and see if you can determine what happened to Darkstaff. If he's there, speak with him if you can.


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