The Withered Bane is a Quest given by Frelic .

Quest TextEdit

Frelic has received a new weapon from the Empire to fight the Withered Aegis. He needs you to gather several components before he can make the technique for you.


  1. Listen with Frelic
  2. Collect 10 Withered Essence Fragments from the Weaker Ghosts found in the blighted regions north of town. Look near the Ruined Homestead or the New Trismus Deadlands.
  3. Return to Frelic in New Trismus with the Withered Essence Fragments
  4. Collect either 10 Cedar Boards.
  5. Or collect 10 Bronze Bars.
  6. Or collect 10 Flax Spools.
  7. Or collect 10 Sandstone Brick.
  8. Or collect 10 Hide Strips. Note that you do not have to collect from each of the 5 items listed, but you do have to choose one and gather and make them yourself, so you must have some skill with crafting to do so.
  9. Return to Frelic and speak to him.
  10. Speak to Frelic
  11. Receive the Withered Bane from Frelic.
  12. Slay the Withered Grand Magus, claim his bones and complete the Withered Bane. The Grand Magus can be found near the far north end of the island
  13. Return to Frelic for final instruction on the Withered Bane.

Target MobsEdit


Step 3:

  • Craft Experience: 800
  • Adventure Experience: 800
  • Money: 500c

Step 11:

Step 13:

  • Adventure Experience: 1000