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Town Marshalls are the mayors of each town, and are a good source of gossip and quests. They offer Emblems (Titles) and Techniques Kits that are quest rewards. You must have completed the associated quest to use the emblem or kit. Tokens of Gratitude are used to acquire the sold items, and these tokens are acquired from Town Marshall Quests. One token is worth 10 copper to a Town Marshall.

Name Rating Location
Clerash 30 Chiconis
Daggle Ironshaper Aughundell
Dezwar 60 New Rachival
Drugan Nandosh 30 Dalimond
Fohadon 60 Mahagra
Grulnar 80 Dralk
Krianos 20 Kion
Saenethra 80 Kirasanct
Ssoren 20 Sslanis
Steward Pratt McGrubben 15 New Trismus

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