As the snow scarabs make their way across the Island of Ice, their shells pick up the gems that the miners had been out trying to harvest. This is making it difficult for the miners to collect the gems themselves, so you are needed to go clear out some of these menaces of society.

Town Marshall: A Frozen Find is an Adventure Quest / Town Marshall Quest given by Daggle Ironshaper of Aughundell.

Quest Steps

  1. Snow Scarabs have been gathering up the gems in their shells before the miners can. You need to go kill 20 of them to clear out the population some.
  2. Return to Daggle Ironshaper in Aughundell to report your success.

Quest Text

  1. Lately life for the average gem miner has become all but impossible on the Island of Ice. The simple reason is that the Snow Scarabs which skitter across the island gather up the loose gems as they do so, collecting them in their shells. I need you to kill 20 of these scarab beetles to make it easier for the gem miners to do their work.
  2. That should be enough scarabs to give the miners some chance of collecting the gems themselves before they're snatched up.
  3. Ah, you had success then, yes? Very good. Here, take this as a reward for a job well done.

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