Town Marshall: Advanced Skulking is an Adventure Quest / Town Marshall Quest given by Daggle Ironshaper of Aughundell.

Quest Text

  1. I've heard that the eastern end of the Spiritous Swamp is just crawling with skulks. They all wear red, so the locals around here are calling them Bloodskulks. I suspect the name comes from more than just that, though. I want you to make your way out there, sneak around a bit and see what you can find out about these "Bloodsulks". Kill some of them while you're out there to see just how tough they are.
  2. You have completed your task and gathered some information as well. Return to Daggle Ironshaper in Auguhundell.
  3. You have learned much from these skulks. The information you found will be compiled with that of others and make a great chapter in a book somewhere I'm sure. Here is your reward.

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